SHB40216 Certificate IV in Hairdressing

This qualification reflects the role of skilled senior hairdressers who use a range of highly developed sales, consultation and technical skills and knowledge to provide a broad range of hairdressing services to clients. These senior hairdressers provide specialist services in one or more areas including haircutting, design, colouring and complex colour correction, trichology and chemical reformation. They work independently and many hairdressers at this level provide technical leadership, training and support to team member.

This qualification provides a pathway to work as a senior hairdresser in a salon environment, a freelance session stylist or a technical advisor in product companies.

This Qualification is an AQF Certificate IV Qualification.

The indicated ‘Volume of Learning’ within the AQF Handbook is 0.5 – 2 Year (600 – 2400 hours).


The program has a Volume of Learning of 624 hours.


This course will be delivered over 26 weeks. Classes are held 2.5 days per week, (8 hours per day) This equates to 20 student contact hours per week with a total of 520 student contact hours for classroom and practical learning and assessment.


Students will also be required to allocate some time each week to undertake some study (e.g. self-directed learning through activity books, case studies etc). Students should be able to allocate approximately 3-4 hours per week outside of allocated class time. This equates to approximately 104 hours of self-study.


Note: The course may be delivered in a different schedule (i.e. part time) but will always maintain the same student contact hours of 520)

Training Pathway

A possible training pathway for a student completing this qualification could be the following:

Diploma Graduate Certificate
SHB50216 Diploma of Salon Management Graduate Certificate in Hairdressing Creative Leadership


These qualifications represent a logical pathway regardless of whether ITS offers the qualifications.


Employment Pathway

Employment outcomes may include the following role/s:

  • Senior Hairdresser
  • Freelance Session Stylist
  • Technical Advisor in Product Companies

Core Units

Unit Code Unit Name
SHBHTLS001 Provide technical leadership to hairdressing teams
SHBHTLS002 Research & use hairdressing trends to advance creative work



Elective Units


Unit Code Unit Name
SHBHCLS006 Solve complex colour problems
SHBHCLS007 Enhance hair designs using creative colouring & lightening techniques
SHBHCUT006 Create combined haircut structures
SHBHCUT008* Design & perform creative haircuts
SHBHDES004 Create classic long hair up-styles
SHBHDES006 Design & style long hair creatively
BSBINN301 Promote innovation in a team environment
BSBMKG413 Promote products & services
BSBWOR502 Lead & manage team effectiveness

Course Entry Requirements:

Entry to this qualification is open to individuals who have:

  1. Achieved a Certificate III in Hairdressing (or equivalent); and
  2. At least one year post-qualification full time employment experience as a hairdresser in a salon environment where they have applied the skills and knowledge covered in the above (or equivalent) qualification.


RTO Admission requirements

I.T.S Hairdressing Academy has the following admission requirements:

  • Students must be 18 years or older
  • To meet the Course Entry Requirements:
    • The student must produce the original or certified copy of their Certificate III in Hairdressing
    • The student must produce a letter from their employer to state they have had more than 1 year full time experience in hairdressing since completing their Certificate III in Hairdressing. Note: The RTO will call the employer to verify their experience
  • This program has been designed to be delivered through classroom based delivery and students must have the ability to attend the scheduled sessions as per the timetable. Students are to be informed of the timetable prior to enrolment and are to maintain the required student contact hours

Students are required to be competent in written and spoken English and will undertake a Language, Literacy and Numeracy test prior to enrolment.

This program is to be delivered in a classroom based environment and in simulated work environment called the Salon (a fully functional & operational hairdressing salon) to provide access to appropriate environments for the practical components of the course.

All theory based delivery will occur within designated classrooms through structured training sessions from a qualified Trainer / Assessor employed by the RTO. At these training sessions a qualified Trainer/ Assessor will provide the required skills and knowledge as per the unit content and will ensure the learning is imparted. The Trainer/Assessor will have designated session plans to reference to ensure the learning content is provided consistently to all students.

As part of this course students will also be required to undertake practical activities related to the course content. These practical activities will be undertaken in an appropriately simulated environment free of WHS hazards.

As this is a competency-based program, the student gains feedback through the training and assessment is undertaken once the unit has been delivered. The assessment process may include written questions, verbal questions, case studies, assignments, projects and practical demonstrations.

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How to enrol

Contact the RTO to organise an enrolment interview.

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Students with disabilities are encouraged to apply to access government subsided training.